Gigai is a multi-disciplinary force from a new world - one in which ancient crafts intersect with innovative technology and contemporary techniques.

The fictional meaning of Gigai is a vessel/body for a soul. The brand narrative revolves around our soul having the ultimate power to choose your body (shell) - Chose your Gigai.

The house of Gigai creates accessories that are audacious modern relics of one’s stories and fantasies.

With a focus of reinventing indigenous crafts with technology, Gigai is a symbioticrelationship between geometric industrial expression, nature’s organic form, augmented reality, and cinematic animation flavoured with fantasy.

GIGAI is co-founded by Devika Rao and Mathang Thyagaraj who make chimeras of imaginative concepts and bring them to the real world as wearable art.


While growing up in south India around Dravidian art forms and indigenouscrafts led Devika to pursue design. Her designs are characterised by combining voluminous organic forms with experimental craftsmanship and industrial influences.

Devika has worked in the field of accessories for the last couple of years, from personal projects to established leather goods brands like Nappa Dori and Hidesign and collaborated with fashion designers like Varun Bahl to create bags, jewellery and headgear. Having influences culled from art, fashion and underground creative movement, she translates her aesthetic into wearables with Gigai.



With over a decade of experience in Brand Building and Design, Mathang has played a vital part in Building Homegrown brands like HUEMN, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, NO-MORE and more. He utilises his roots as an animator, and his love for theatre and manga to build stories, narratives and concept arts, which turn into products and visual experiences.

He is additionally, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Ogatu, a creative agency based in India